Alluvial Gold Mine In West Kutai

Alluvial Gold Mine In West Kutai


Legal aspects:

  • Environmental document, Feasibility Studies
  • Mining Permit, aplicable in 2010 to 2021
  • Land mining permit is APL


  • Entrance to the mine, about 2 km from village road
  • Basecamp and completeness
  • Production tools and transportation

Estimated Gold Reverces

Area 1948 Ha  5.446 ton

Measure Reserves

Block Namuk – Lakan    120 Ha     0.4 gram/m3       0.5 ton

Block Lakan-  Teboi        500 ha      0.46 gram/m3    1.8 ton

Block Angau    117 Ha    0.350 gram/m3    0.3 ton

Block Barek    200 Ha   0.4 gram/m3   0.8ton

By Product   Silver, diamond

Note: need loan capital investment

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